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Sooo. I made these type of bracelets last night. They are DIY recycled bottle bracelets, and you wrap the bottle piece with ribbon or fabric.

So easy to make! Click here for my version of this project <3 


Shawn and I have had a few wine crates kicking around from our kitchen at our old apartment. After searching endlessly for a bookshelf and never really finding what we wanted we decided to reuse these wine crates and build an awesome bookshelf. First we had to track down more wine crates to…


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Jessica @ Running With Scissors (which you shouldn’t do) walks you through the process of sewing up adorable dragon tails for kids and/or kids at heart.


Adorable! I want to make one. For, umm, this young child I know. Yeah. Not for myself.

Okay, I lied. I want one.


A CUP OF JO: Three twisted buns

Now that my hair has grown back, I am loving all the hair DIYs!


Look at this simple tutorial by evie s. on how to create fashionable earrings simply out of some string and paperclips! Who doesn’t have those supplies lying around? When you’re finished, just attach to some earring hooks and you’re done! See the full tutorial by clicking here. 

Also, see below for my version of the paperclip/string earrings. I dyed the string two different colors using acrylic paint and water. I also used two different sized paper clips to create a different design. The possibilities are endless with this idea. I recommend using different shaped paper clips that you can find at your local office supply store and experiment with the results! Happy crafting!


DIY Upcycle Drawer Faces via

So clever!